Last Japan – Harca (Tom E Vercetti Remix)

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Last Japan – Harca (Tom E Vercetti Remix)

Released in 2014 on his debut mixtape, Last Japan’s “Harca” is due for a remixed resurgence this March through grime imprint Coyote. In an interview with FACT, the South London producer described his Ride With Us mixtape as: “Night tracks, space music… on some Gravity tip, like you’re floating into outer space but you don’t care… I like to mix dark textures and fragments of colour.” An undeniable outgrowth of that astral, spasmodic ethos, “Harca” proves to be easily transmutable.

Tom E Vercetti, a fresh face on the Coyote roster, offers a subtle departure from Last Japan’s production, softening the rhythmic drama with added layers of accordion-like synths. He deviates from Last Japan’s ghostly theme, playing up the atmospheric melodies, and leaving the original’s wobble-infused, boom-clap drums in the backdrop. True to grime, the Prince Rapid vocal inevitably remains, but in stripped down form.

Due to be released on vinyl as part of Coyote’s white label series, Vercetti’s rendition will be accompanied by a remix from Forever Forever (Dazed Digital, Cult Music), which is sure to be a divergence of its own caliber.


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