“Leisure,” Debut EP by Panda Coast

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“Leisure,” Debut EP by Panda Coast

I’ve been searching and racking my brain (ha), for an untold story and today, I’ve ever so pleasantly, found that unsung song.

Released on SectionZ Records on the 2nd of February, “Leisure,” Debut EP by Panda Coast – who are absolutely new to me – takes the cake as one of the finer pieces of art I’ve stumbled across of late (see Vallip Alps). Fantasize as you hear delicate blissed out arps, rhythmic bass & synth pads.

The EP, gentle and inspiring, is sure to draw you in. Don’t sleep on this (or do sleep to this dreamy number?) As more and more festivals and clubs embrace the ambient side of electronic music, you can definitely expect to see more of Panda Coast!


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