Steve Aoki Is Making Deep House….

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Steve Aoki Is Making Deep House….

Not another Wunderground troll article against EDM’s favourite prop comedian Steve Aoki is actually working on some deep house in secret and you won’t even know it’s from him when it arrives under another moniker (think you house heads could handle the possibility of enjoying Steve Aoki music without knowing it?)

Inspired by his slot at Cafe Mambo in Ibiza where he stepped away from his usual, more banging fare he opted for the likes of  “Maceo Plex, Ten Walls, Tiga’s collaborations, Duke Dumont and some more underground stuff.”

I won’t release it under Steve Aoki, it’ll be under another name. I don’t want to confuse people who associate me with my usual sound, and I want it to be judged on its own merits. We’ll see how it does.

It might be a different music from the man but the on stage, cake throwing antics will stay because it’s what the people want. “People expect it now. I won’t stop unless I think of something better. I used to stage dive all the time and the raft was the next stage,” he explains while I’m sitting here interested to see what the upgrade from throwing a cake at someone’s face might be? Kitten cannon?

Via – Mixmag 


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