Bromance Tease New ‘Pluridisciplinary’ Super Group GENER8ION

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Bromance Tease New ‘Pluridisciplinary’ Super Group GENER8ION

Brooding French techno dudes Bromance have teased a new super group dubbed GENER8ION that seems to comprise of any number of the labels roster.

The song or EP name ‘The New International Sound’ in teaser form below is as menacing as ever with the visuals to boot of a post apocalyptic world marred by a red hue.

Even though we’re talking an international sound close sources are pointing at a Surkin and Canblaster project, especially with the later the first to share it onto his own social pages.

Further ambigous notions are toting this as more than just an audio release but something that is a ‘plurdisciplinary’ entity, at the crossing of music, art and fashion according to Bromance;

Bromance is proud to introduce GENER8ION with the first single “The New International Sound”.

 Universal but radical, “The New International Sound” is a post modern tribute to our multi-faceted world. An anthem to the present, expanding beyond genre and scenes.

 GENER8ION is a new pluridisciplinary entity, at the crossing of music, art and fashion.

We won’t have to wait long to find out with the release toted for November 3rd. Hype!


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