The new League of labels

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The new League of labels

There has been a surge of start-up labels over the last 2 years, that have made it their mission to highlight budding talent! Below are six labels that have been standing out, creating a music hype that’s hard to ignore. They all explore ambient, experimental, future bass  & trap/hip hop sounds. Following in the footsteps Soulection and HW&W, these labels explore the importance of visual content to help define their intention.

1. Cosmonostro

Cosmonostro was founded just over a year ago by “96,”(the Don of Soulection’s visuals), and has become one of the flyest audiovisual platforms. Unbound by genre and bound by good taste, Cosmonostro signs music catered for a contemporary audience, and is a “music gallery for the modern music man.”

2. Syzygy [siz·ih·jee], noun.

3. Die High

4. Flow-Fi 

5. Hyperboloid

Before stumbling across Moscow based label, Hyperboloid, it was news to us that Moscow was a music hub, and it has been educating us in music ever since! Everyone found as an extension of their label is fresh as.

6. Pelican Fly 

Bangerz from Brussels brought you by Pelican Fly.  This label is run by Dj Slow and Richelle alongside fellow founding members Mister Tweeks, Bamboologie, BBO and Guy from the station (and maybe Lido and Cashmere Cat?). If you’re heading to ADE this year, be sure to check out their event.

There you have it, the best of the best of up and coming labels! Stay tuned.


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