Chrissy Murderbot – All Right EP [Hyperboloid]

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Chrissy Murderbot – All Right EP [Hyperboloid]

Pixelord’s Hyperboloid Records yesterday unleashed it’s next offering of party-starting obsessiveness with the All Right EP from Chris Shively, aka Chrissy Murderbot. The Russian footwork scene has been blowing up lately, and the Chicago native has delivered to it a bass heavy release with remixes from Lockah and Calculon & Austin Speed. While the originals are awesome, Calculon & Austin Speed’s rework of All Right transforms the track into an even harder rave tune. Vocal samples rattle between the shuffle of hectic drum breaks but the skittering beat soon gives way to a driving, 4/4 kick pattern and an all-out hands-in-the-hair synth melody. Lockah’s mix is more chilled; the original of Bay Bay isn’t as heavy as the title track to begin with, but the Russian producer has offered some mellowed out synths atop beautiful vocals.

Check out Lockah’s remix of Bay Bay here.


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