Stream Caribou’s Entire Melancholy, Melodic Album ‘Our Love’ Now

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Stream Caribou’s Entire Melancholy, Melodic Album ‘Our Love’ Now

It’s no lie: we have a small crush on Dan Snaith and his rolling melodic beats as Caribou – especially material from his sixth studio album ‘Our Love,’ which is officially due out October 3rd through Warp Records and Inertia locally.

These days we usually hear 3-4 official singles pre-release, but here, in a weird twist, we were privy to only two tracks: the rolling “Can’t Do Without You” in both original and extended form as well as the title track “Our Love” that set this up to be a hotly anticipated slice of electronica (can’t forget his own remix of “Our Love” under his techno alias Daphni either).

Was the wait worth it? Most certainly, if you enjoyed either of these anthems, both of which were said to be hot property at this years Burning Man (as noted by Sweat It Out dons Yolanda Be Cool in their candid wrap), while the rest of the album is filled with equally stimulating capsules of emotively driven beats.

In a recent exclusive interview with the one-of-a-kind producer, he opened up on the direction ‘Our Love’ headed in, and why;

‘ The whole thing is a kind of reflection on love and my life and the life of people close to me for the happier moments and the more melancholic moments…its different from previous Caribou records people might have been following.’


‘One of the things that I love most about music is the ability to have contradictions right next to each other – it’s a unique artform like that, it can be melancholy and euphoric at the same moment, not even next to each other, just at the same time… We live in a world where light and dark is all jumbled up and music is uniquely good at conveying those two things together.’

Check out the tracklisting below of what we’d like to think as one of the best albums of the year. An album we’d love to see toured in Australian in the not so distant future (cough cough Laneway 2015).

01. Can’t Do Without You
02. Silver
03. All I Ever Need
04. Our Love
05. Dive
06. Second Chance
07. Julia Brightly
08. Mars
09. Back Home
10. Your Love Will Set You Free

Stream it on iTunes radio now.


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