Born Cages – Rolling Down The Hill (Glastrophobie Remix)

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Born Cages – Rolling Down The Hill (Glastrophobie Remix)

German producer, Glastrophobie, has a unique talent for taking tracks and flipping them around to sound completely different while still keeping the integrity of the original intact. This guy has a really awesome vibe on his Soundcloud account he wrote ‘I make music for the people. I’m not focused on genre but mostly I make Deep House.’. Out today, his latest remix for the Brooklyn-based band, Born Cages, indie-rock record Rolling Down The Hill.Pulling a Beyonce-esque move the track was released today without any pre-warnings of the release. Glastrophobie’s Deep House infused remix will have you singing along and hitting repeat over and over. All I can say is this talented producer is definitely one to watch. Listen to the track below, enjoy! 


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