5 Australian Collabs We’d Love To See Happen

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5 Australian Collabs We’d Love To See Happen

Over the past few years, the Australian electronic scene has fair dinkum exploded with many of our very own home grown acts garnering international recognition and attention, from the true blue blokes of What So Not to sheila’s like Anna Lunoe the world really is taking a keen eye to what’s developing right here at home.

Taking a broader look at our ripper run of talented producers it’s easy to see Australia is putting aside the largely generic ‘EDM’ sound in favour of a more experimental approach while at the same time proving just how versatile and strong the scene currently is.

Keeping in mind some recent collaborations and features including Safia’s Ben Woolner on Peking Duks next single, Adelaide female MC Tkay Maidz lending a few lines to Swick and Lewis Cancut as well as L D R U and Yahtzels new project Carmada it got us thinking about some curious pairings that ought to happen.

The criteria was easy, two Australian sounds new or old that we’d imagine working so damn well together with the hope of even just one happening. Streuth! #stoneycollabs

Wave Racer/Slumberjack


wave racer slumberjack

Wave Racer known for sunshine, lollipops and dreamy synths is a man we’d like to see more of after only a handful of singles. We have Slumberjack climbing their way to ears of music lovers with their own soup of trap-bangers. We think a crazy cocktail of 8-bit dream pop mixed with some head-banging trap could be a real hit. Want to see it happen, tweet at ’em – @waveracer and @slumberjackaus #stoneycollabs

Motez/Just A Gent


motez just a gent

The intrigue is strong in this combo, as they draw from Just A Gent’s glowing love step and trap vibes matched with Motez’s deep house ambience. This pair of talent producers have the potential to merge elements of their respective sounds. I could be wrong about this but this is certainly a collab I’d love to see happen between the Stoney Roads ‘Producer of the Year’ and ‘Breakthrough Producer of the Year’ award winners! Want to see it happen, tweet at ’em – @justagentdj and @motez_music #stoneycollabs

The Presets/Cosmos Midnight


the presets cosmo's midnight copy

The Presets have really made a name for themselves over the years and have crafted a uniquely distinguishable electronic sound alongside the vocals of their own, Julian Hamilton. Cosmos Midnight are fast rising to popularity with their eclectic pop synths and high energy productions. We believe this collaboration could push The Presets and Cosmos Midnight in an entirely new direction. Want to see it happen, tweet at ’em – @thepresets and @cosmosmidnight #stoneycollabs

Indian Summer/RÜFÜS


indian summer rufus

It might seem like an unorthodox pairing but put together Indian Summer’s great versatility and RÜFÜS’s groove inducing – dance pop, and this arranged marriage could produce some interesting results. They seem like they’re close enough when slamming down a hundred or so drinks so why not hit the studio together? Want to see it happen, tweet at ’em – @indiansummerau and @rufussounds #stoneycollabs



kilter hermitude

We think this might be a match made in heaven. A breakthrough year for Kilter, we would love to see him work together with Hermitude using both their styles of broad and diverse sounds. Seriously though, what more could you ask for? Want to see it happen, tweet at ’em – @kilterbeats and @hermitudemusic #stoneycollabs

Now to make these happen haha be sure to tweet at your favourites and see if they have time to pop into the studio for some mega gold! #stoneycollabs


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