Pioneer Launches First Ever Serato-Flip Dedicated Controller, The DDJ SX2

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Pioneer Launches First Ever Serato-Flip Dedicated Controller, The DDJ SX2

Innovative tech company Pioneer DJ have announced the release of the DDJ-SX2, an upgraded controller from it’s predecessor the DDJ-SZ with some extra handy features.

The new series of Pioneer controllers look to empower the DJ with everything at the touch of the hand, essentially giving you ultimate control through a CDJ style setup while including the punchy pad-style freedom similar to an MPC (A-trak might be a little confused or excited #RealDJing).

pioneer ddj sx2 2

In an effort to work closer with badass music software Serato Flip (released this week), Pioneer DJ have actually integrated tangible buttons into the body of the new Pioneer controller for quicker and more effective mixing. In short, at the touch of a button you can now;

Record: stop/start recording loops
Store: start/stop loop
Slot: store loops

This way you can take advantage of all four channels to layer segmented loops (up to six a side) over new songs giving you almost a live-remix feel about your sets.

Still not with us? Watch the DDJ-SX2 in action below!

The DDJ-SX2, with free Serato Flip expansion pack voucher, is available from October at an Australian RRP of $1,499 including GST. PLUS the first 10,000 units come bundled with a free voucher code for the Serato Video Expansion Pack


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