Galimatias – Night Owl

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Galimatias – Night Owl

Last week, Galimatias released a beautiful original track titled Ocean Floor Kisses that I shared here on the roads. A week later, the monster of a producer is back at it again releasing yet another amazing original song. The new song is titled ‘Night Owl’ and after speaking with the Danish producer he explained to me exactly what he was feeling when he was creating this track.

“When I was working on the track I had this environment in my head. I wanted to create the sound of desolate streets on a weekday night. I mean 4 am no people just sodium lamps and dim lights emitting from a few windows. At the same time the Night Owl is me, because that’s how I’ve been living in the last year, staying up late working on music, not going to bed before I could hear the birds tweeting. But that’s just the setting, I feel like the vocals and progression of the track can lead to different interpretations so I’ll let the listener create a story instead. Maybe you just wanna listen to the music and not think about anything. The vocals I chopped up are by Alina Baraz, and may or may not be from a track that isn’t released yet”

Galimatias is easily becoming one of my favorite producers out there. His project with Alina Baraz is getting ready to take the world by storm and I am so stoked that I found these two before they become the next big sensation in dance music. Imagine a beautiful girl singing on stage while one of the most talented producers in the world is going nuts on live instruments, beat pads and all sorts of fun toys. All I can say is that this is a name you NEED to remember. Happy hump day everyone <3


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