Swipe to the Right! Tinder Co-Founder Has A New Music App On The Way

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Swipe to the Right! Tinder Co-Founder Has A New Music App On The Way

No need to introduce Tinder, in it’s relatively short lifespan it’s wedged itself into your social life or at least your friends anecdotes like nothing else since….Snapchat first came about? Anyway, founding members of your favourite one night stand locator  dating app Christopher Gulczynski, and former VP of design Sarah Nick have whipped together Next a new app using the Tinder ‘swipe right’ concept to new music with a strong eye on independent and unsigned artists. 

Musicians / bedroom producers / launchpad fiends can upload a video onto Next, users of the app will be able to check out 30 second clips of that video and like Tinder if the user likes what they see they can swipe right to follow the artist as well as be given the opportunity to share their new discovery with friends via SMS, email and Twitter. Of course like Tinder as well, swiping left will dismiss the artist from the user’s screen #sadface

 “Being so close to Tinder, we liked the gamified feeling. The swiping mechanic is just a UI convention that we really like, but the core of it is everyone is given the same amount of attention. If you get a few swipes left and get knocked off the list, you can upload as many videos as you want to. Got a great idea for a song? Just put it up there.” Tinder Co Founder Christoper Gulczynski

According to app creators the app will maintain a strong focus on ‘the little guy’ with its aim on helping to connect fans with unknown musicians, “there’s a stigma around the music industry that it’s notoriously hard to monetize. What we’re trying to do is circumvent that by growing a critical mass of people on the platform, by coming around the backside. If the ‘music industry’ wants to be a part of it, we’re going to force them to play nice. … Next is always going to be a home for the person…in their bedroom. It’ll never grow away from that. The core of the product will always be focused on the little guy.”

Sure you can easily see the potential pitfalls/chances for mischief to this video based music app in the same way people hoped the sharing capabilities for chat roulette would pan out seconds before it was basically a platform full of dudes that couldn’t wait to show off their junk to the world wide web but that said Next does look pretty groovy so game on boys and girls. If you’re in, interested in what they’ve got to offer or even just keen to troll the masses you can download Next right here.


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