Sladky ft. Khai

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Sladky ft. Khai

There aren’t too many artists out there that make you wish it was cold, dark, and rainy even though it’s currently 100 degrees outside and we are right smack dab in the middle of Summer. When you do coem across an artist that makes you reconsider how much you actually like the sun, it’s almost impossible not to bring up to in the music world.

Boston producer and member of the sad boy club, Samuel Proffitt, just unveiled his solo side project and unleashed the lead single off his upcoming EP earlier this morning. Titled, “Sladky”, we are instantly drawn to the curiosity behind the track name and instantly had to find out what this song was all about. As soon as the music begins, we are opened up with a beautiful and engaging synth that makes us feel nostalgia to the point where we wish we could go back to those dire times of longing and despair. Before you can soak in the soothing melody, we are introduced with the stunning vocals from singer and songwriter, Khai. The combination of Samuel Proffitt’s production and Khai’s sensational voice amount to nothing more than ethereal. Make sure you grab your free download today and allow the euphoria to set in for the rest of the week.


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