Mansions on the Moon – Don’t Tell

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Mansions on the Moon – Don’t Tell

One of the genres to emerge in the Hypem era has been synthpop dreamwave. The summery, synth-based sound has emerged largely from Los Angeles in varying forms (from Capital Cities to Goldroom).

But it’s not really pop. It’s more genuine, and it’s made by people you see at the supermarket, not on Sunsert Boulevard billboards. Dreamwave isn’t complacent, it’s earnest.

These are the little guys making big waves, transcending the gap between “mainstream” and indie.”

Mansions on the Moon‘s upcoming (October 22), self-titled debut album is years in the making. Capturing the essence of the Los Angeles dream–making it in music–this sound was forged both in a Hollywood-frat house basement and, eventually, studios.

The result is a sound that doesn’t rely on recycled filters and electronic production, but real instruments. And heart:


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