Add To Cart – DJ Paypal Gives Away 30 Drake Edits

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Add To Cart – DJ Paypal Gives Away 30 Drake Edits

Crack out the lint-rollers and break it down with Berlin-based and LuckyMe resident DJ Paypal releasing a free download of 30 Drake edits. In an apparent attempt to dismiss any contention that Drake is the softest player in the game, the enigmatic producer has re-touched some of the Canadian-rappers finer tracks and given them a little more oomph. Laying down some seriously hectic juke, footwork and jersey club music, Paypal brings it with seriously ripper remixes of ‘Best I Ever Had’, ‘Shot For Me’ and ‘Good Ones Go’

The 30 tracks features a conglomerate of Paypal original edits, as well as collabs between himself 333 Boyz, DJ Taye, Ticklish and fellow Internet shopping wizard DJ Mastercard. Additionally, he’s included re-edits of DJ Spinn and DJ Sliink’s remixes.

If you’re unfamiliar with the masked bandit, we strongly suggest you watch his Boiler Room set from late last year – one of the all time greats!

Nick Kyrigos may be hating on Drake at the moment – but if he gets this setlist on his music playing device we doubt he’ll have any difficulty getting up for bit matches. You can catch Drake hosting the ESPY’s on Thursday.



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