Watch: Booka Shade Utilise Smart Phones For ‘Orchestra’ Of Sound and Light

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Watch: Booka Shade Utilise Smart Phones For ‘Orchestra’ Of Sound and Light

Usually you can’t help but feel conflicted when big corporations try to muddy the waters of dance acts with a bit of gear or placement here and there but such isn’t the case when phone provider Vodafone and seminal electronic ‘live’ band Booka Shade coming together for an experimental project.

The idea was to utilise the smart phone so it wasn’t just a distracting object in the way, instead involving it in a performance and more so a performance with an engaging band like Booka Shade. Using a team of egg-heads developers the band cued up certain basslines and chords from “Body Language” to ‘talk’ with the phones that react with sound and lights. The final piece see’s a heaving audience holding their phones up and adding to the show in their own little way.

Will smart phones be the new glow stick? Probably not anytime soon and although a bit of fun serves as a damn fine reason to stop using instagram, snapchat or texting your friends when dancing! Watch the 7-minute documentary below.

source: Pulse Radio


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