Seth Troxler Takes Aim At ‘Team Avicii’ In Conference

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Seth Troxler Takes Aim At ‘Team Avicii’ In Conference

American techno gentleman Seth Troxler has taken aim at the Avicii camp at this years edition of the Ibiza Music Summit. Taking to the stage was Ash Pournouri who is known as the part time producer / full time marketing brains behind the Avicii empire.

Troxler stood among the audience (looking sharp as always) to ask three bold questions;

  • I want to touch on the idea that you guys are in the pay to play system, as in paying to play at Ultra?
  • … also if the 50/50 writing and production credits that you actually get?
  • Is it more of a Milli Vanilli (referring to a group from the 80s/90s who lip synced live/faked it) or hot box situation? Who actually is producing the music and what does your music actually stand for in the whole giant scope of dance music or music generally?

Both the questions and answers were handily captured via smartphone with Avicii’s manager Ash Pournouri offering up a squirmy response with the whole glorious waffling reply watchable below!

The reply is at best weak and almost an identity for Avicii and EDM’s brand of music by aiding the discovery element of dance music with watered down, ‘catchy’ and seemingly boring beats.

Did um, Ash Pournouri, um really, um answer, um, any of the questions properly? Shoutouts to what looks like Eats Everything snacking mid-answer.


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