Brazil Unanimously Reject Pitbull World Cup Anthem

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Brazil Unanimously Reject Pitbull World Cup Anthem

Some warm and fuzzy feelings have been made thanks to the Brazilian public taking to social media to question why the hell washed-out singer Jennifer Lopez and faux rapper Pitbull are behind the new soccer World Cup theme song “We Are One”…  that and it’s reminiscent to hitting the shitter after a big night out on the beers and Brazilian BBQ  – uncomfortable at best.

The LA Times reported that people’s discontent with the tune is due to a ‘generic foreign rhythms and lazy stereotypes’ found in the music video, and raises the question of why two foreign singer stars are the face of the official theme and why is almost the entire song in English? The people feel that the widening gap between the rich and poor will continue to sprawl.

Brazil is already country in crisis with their government pushing over $11 billion into the cup and the society questioning why it wasn’t spent in important areas such as, you know, transport, education and health, and now have to deal with the lyrical showmanship of Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez. We feel queazy and personally we’d rather bring back Ricky Martin’s “Cup of Life” or just three minutes of vuvuzela’s.

Check out the clip below.

Fear not fellow Pitbull h8erz. Fatboy Slim has enlisted a few friends to make the alternative theme to the World Cup and we are pumped, with the Southern Fried Records owner quoting:

“Given my love of Brazilian music, parties and football it is no surprise that with the World Cup happening this year I want to share that love by providing a soundtrack for the summer, based on Brazilian music.”

Ricky’s effort for the fans

Also 10 hours of vuvuzela’s for well, no reason.


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