The Day Harlem Shake Died: Pittbull Records Own Version

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The Day Harlem Shake Died: Pittbull Records Own Version

That is correct. It happened. One of the most frequently dissed rappers going around, PITBULL, has rapped over BAAUER’s internet famous track ‘Harlem Shake’.

Just when we all thought the global craze towards the ‘Harlem Shake’ was beginning to fade away, Miami based rapper PITBULL decided he wanted to create his own edit of the track- following the likes of AZEALIA BANKS who rapped over the popular trap tune whilst grudging with BAAUER and use it as grounds to diss fellow rapper LIL WAYNE who recently made remarks about the Miami Heat Basketball team.

How noble of PITBULL to defend his local team, but by god what an awful song he has made! Aside from the over use of BAAUER’s Harlem Shake as of late due to the viral YouTube dance craze, the lyrics are absolute rubbish. You’ll find it hard when listening to the track too find many lyrics that differ from “I’m from Miami”, “I’m self made, I’m self paid” and “welcome to dade county” which are, of course, PITBULL’s attempts at getting back at WEEZY for dissing Miami Heat. Pretty lame really.

The real humour in all of this, is that PITBULL has used a song that promotes the suburb of Harlem, New York, when in actuality he is attempting to defend and hence promote the city of Miami. Genious? Not at all.

Have a listen to PITBULL’s edit of ‘Harlem Shake’ and see if you can put up with it.


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