Watch Azealia Banks’ lush music video for ‘SODA’

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Watch Azealia Banks’ lush music video for ‘SODA’

Azealia Banks is well and truly back, and we’re stoked about it.

Her latest track ‘SODA” has today received a stunning visual accompaniment, courtesy of acclaimed director Jahvel Brown. The summery track was released back in February, and sees Banks once again showcasing her love of electronic music with a house-heavy production that she intertwines her familiar vocals amidst with vicious lyricism.

Much like most film clips from the New York local, the major focus of the video is a goddess-like Azealia Banks working her magic, dressed to perfection while delivering a no-holes-barred approach to hip-hop with a club ready feel.

The track acts as an exciting teaser for her forthcoming ‘Fantasea 2‘ project which is reportedly set to drop in the coming months. Watch the video for ‘SODA’ below for now and enjoy.

Fantasea Two: The Second Wave
1. Lorelei ft. Jamie Hince
2. Icy Pisces ft. ???
3. Chaos and Glory Ft. Luciana Caparoso
4. Along The Coast ft. ???
5. N****s Gon’ Learn Ft. Connie Diiamond
6. Ain’t Know
7. Tastes State Ft. Busta Rhymes
8. Paradiso II
9. Treasure Island
10. Anna Wintour ft. Mel B & ???
11. Count Contessa (redux)
12. Pyrex Princess ft. ???
13. Escapades (Pleasure Place)
14. Venus
15. Movin’ On Up ft. NEWBODY
16. Playhouse
17. Desert Beat
18. Blossom
19. In Excelsis
20. Chi-Chi
21. Surprise
22. Surprise


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