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They say that to know where you’re going, you must know where you come from. In 2008 Akkachar founded the Rwina label, naming it after the word for never-ending chaos in the Tamazight dialect of his North African ancestors. Over the next five years he let the chaos unfold, building the label into an unpredictable yet reliable powerhouse of dance and electronic music. One of my favourite Rwina releases last year was Taz & Akka’s ‘Synergy‘ EP – the trap inspired, futuristic footwork from Taz and the label boss delivered on all fronts, and was just a sample of things to come over the next year out of the camp.

Indeed, May 5 this year saw the release of Akka’s ‘Amazigh’ EP for RWINA024 featuring EPROM, and in the lead-up to it I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to speak with him, albeit *briefly*.

Genre’s are tossed around a lot – if you had to pick one to fit into what would it be?

That is something that I couldnt answer, I like a lot of stuff. I never listen to stuff like ‘Now Im going to listen to hip-hop or now to techno’, just depends on the mood and that day.

What about the label? A few months ago you released that Single Point Edge EP that was pretty much techno, but you’re also getting ready to release Titts’ new EP.

Yeah. I just release music that I like and that fits the aesthetics of the label. It has to be the right fit. I just release what sounds good, without concentrating on trying to push a particular sound.

You worked on ‘Synergy’ with Taz, how was that compared to working with EPROM for ‘Spatial Scale’ on this EP?

Taz and I worked together for the past 4 years and he’s planning to visit me in June again. ‘Spatial Scale’ was literally made in 20 minutes; the basics. We just jammed on some synths in the Red Bull Studio in Amsterdam, and afterwards we took the files back home and send it couple of times back and forth. The wind that you hear throughout the track is recorded in Rif Mountains in Morocco. I don’t really have a favourite producer to work with though, everyone brings something unique to the table.

How was the reaction to his (EPROM’s) ‘Halflife‘ LP last year? Did you expect it?

Yeah the reaction was overwhelming, we got a lot of support from different corners worldwide. Yeah I expected it in a way.

Are there any forthcoming releases on Rwina that we should know about, besides Titts?

Yep, an album by Krampfhaft and an EP by I.N.T. Although if you’re looking for a new producer who I have my eye on, I really like Kirkis.

Yeh Kirkis is mad. What about you though – after this EP is released are you looking to produce some more?


Good. And to finish, what’s been your favourite gig you’ve ever done?

Low End Theory in LA.

Brief but fun, ‘Amazigh’ is out now – you can get it over at Boomkat.


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