Who Gives A F**K About That ‘DJs These Days’ Video

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Who Gives A F**K About That ‘DJs These Days’ Video

TLDR – Thought we didn’t care about the video but actually did

Are we the only ones who don’t give a f**k about that ‘behind the decks’ video of Saander Van Doorn, Steve Aoki and Laidback Luke playing at a recent Mixmash pool party? After watching it once or twice we wanted you to consider a few things.

There’s three of them
Whoa, three people trying to use one mixer and two decks and all of them can’t be doing something at the same time? Shock, horror… There’s obviously going to be times when only one maybe two max DJs are choosing a track and mixing it. This has been the case for as long as I can remember, hop behind any booth or alongside a friend thats DJing and there will be times when all you can do is throw your hands up, smile at a few ladies, fist pump a few bro’s and just enjoy the show.

DJs, producers and entertainers are three different things
Lets look at all three characters here, Sander, Steve and Luke – all notable identities for various reasons. There’s Sander who’s past is primarily all about the production, his discography and career highlights are a far stretch above and beyond the other two. There’s Luke who can produce but behind the decks is a monster (as noted in his re-buttle video), he can mix with the best of them blends into both worlds, although questionable taste in ‘kandi’. Then theres Steve Aoki who without a doubt is an entertainer, you go to his show and something pretty comedic will go down… be it an 80-foot cake throw or have him ride over you in an inflatable boat. All three are vastly different and probably why both Sander and Aoki seemed to be taking a back-seat to proceedings.

Parties go longer than 1:30
Did you watch the clip from start to finish? Yep, you just spent about a minute thirty of your life watching one of three dance heads behind the decks. At the least the guys might have been billed as a half hour b2b2b sort of deal or, coincidently Sander and Aoki decided to join Lukes set that could have been anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour plus.

This is what ‘entertainment’ has become
Sadly DJ sets aren’t about hearing and discovering new music anymore, a lot if not all of it is in the charts or getting played on mainstream radio. Since people aren’t so interested in hearing new tracks, rather thrashing around to rinsed tracks its more about the entertainment factor. This comes in the form of confetti cannons, lasers, fireworks and yes, a bunch of DJs from different genres appearing behind the decks at the same time (OMG).

DJ Sneak, who has something to say about almost everything was seriously unimpressed and for good reason – these guys are getting paid serious paycheques to in reality, not do much. We’d rather get down, dance with a significant other for a good few hours without the distractions. This video showcases nothing new, watch any of your favourite big festival headliners and they’re doing very little, every single time behind the decks.

If you’re a producer, it shouldn’t mean you automatically get booked for clubs or festivals, you should actually be able to DJ. We’re almost thankful this sort of stuff comes up so we can get away from all the pointlessness of dance music and back to the important thing, the music.

The videos for the sake of the argument including a gem of Martin Garrixx DJing.


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