Rave History 101: Watch UK’s Channel 4 Documentary Series

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Rave History 101: Watch UK’s Channel 4 Documentary Series

UK’s Channel 4 has teamed up with Dazed to produce a series, that kicked off earlier this month, exploring the development and explosion of the rave culture in the late 80’s and early 90’s in and around London. The 5 part series shall examine individual genres and scenes including UK Garage; Balearic; Bristol bass; jungle and hardcore punk.

Inspiration for the series stemmed from Ewen Spencer’s initial short documentary on UK Garage entitled “Brandy & Coke”, featuring some big hitters such as EZ, Kano and Ashley Walters, which you can catch here.

The latest episode, Berkshire Goes Balearic,  charts the untold story of the Balearic sound and the DJ’s that sought to bring a touch of Ibiza to the bustling warehouse raves around the UK (the nickname ‘Balearic’ deriving from the group of Islands off Spain’s East Coast – including Ibiza and Mallorca).

It’s quality viewing, so get amongst it!


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