Watch The Trailer For A New Acid House Documentary Feat. A Tonne Of Legends

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Watch The Trailer For A New Acid House Documentary Feat. A Tonne Of Legends

A new music-related documentary has surfaced the internet recently and now you can watch the remarkable trailer that includes a number of dance legends in the scene today.

‘They Call It Acid’ features artists such as Carl Cox, Derrick May, Paul Oakenfold and Noel Gallagher and explores the world of acid house and the evolving music scene. The director Gordon Mason collected over a decade’s worth of footage with the majority of it being filmed in the 80’s. 14 years in the making and now the trailer is finally available to stream. Acid house pioneer Eddie Richards, jumped on board to help with the soundtrack for the documentary.

“As a film lover and having worked with top end television documentaries as an Editor and Producer / Director for the last 25 years, it felt right that I should use this medium to put together what I believed would be an important social document of that era,” Mason says in a statement on the film’s website. “By looking up some of my old friends and making new contacts with nearly all the Acid House pioneers and creators of all those seminal House Music anthems, I was able to embark on an enjoyable journey assembling the film and the archive shot by some of my contemporaries into what is a very entertaining, sometimes funny and universal story that can be experienced by all.” – Gordon Mason

‘They Call It Acid’ doesn’t have a confirmed release date yet and continues to seek funding for its release. Watch the trailer below!


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