Robert Lux & Todd Edwards – I’ve Still Got Sunshine (Remixes)

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Robert Lux & Todd Edwards – I’ve Still Got Sunshine (Remixes)

Originally releasing on the “Philadelphia Maneto” compilation on DJ Apt One’s Young Robots Records, “I’ve Still Got Sunshine” by Brooklyn producers Robert Lux and the legendary Todd Edwards is a fun track with bouncy bass, peppy percussion, and a whole range of bleeps and bloops to twist yer mind just right.

Here now, are some excellent remixes to this track. Let’s get started, shall we? Founder of Young Robots, DJ Apt One goes under his “Michael The Lion” alias for his remix and takes a more relaxed approach on this track. A beachy, near balearic feeling pervades and the bass guitar sitting perfectly in the back gives this one a warm feel. On a veritable roll these days, Pat Lok delivers a tougher version with tight percussion and brings the energy with a bit of a garage mindset and great production. Pittsburgh Track Authority‘s version is a nice piece of hard driving techno, lo-fi drum machines, trippy vocal cuts, and effects.

Check out the streams below. The original and Pat Lok versions are also free for download, or you can buy the whole remix EP right here on iTunes.


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