Henry Saiz & Pional — Uroboros EP

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Henry Saiz & Pional — Uroboros EP

Originally released in 2011 as a download only on Henry Saiz’s label Natura Sonoris, the Uroboros EP has come around again for a re-release. Permanent Vacation is home to the wax edition of Pional and Henry Saiz‘s unlikely collaboration, which happened to turn into something special and something that wasn’t to be tucked away and forgotten about.

Both Pional and Saiz came together to produce a track that is so thickly intricate that it deserved to be heard by new ears. From the very beginning the beat intertwines with the cymbals and the deep analog synth turning it into a hypnotic spiral that, as cliche and saccharine as it may be to say, a journey you don’t want to get off of. It develops and crashes over the listener, changing and challenging what you thought would happen next and yet strays from being abrasive. It’s a Balearic dream. The worst thing about this EP is that I missed out on hearing it in 2011. I wonder if it wasn’t for the re-release, would I ever have heard it at all?

Henry Saiz’s Live Take of Uroboros is the only track on the EP that is seeing it’s first release. It raises the tempo and adds tropical nuances to the original without completely overthrowing it. It’s deep, catchy and I can’t wait to hear this out in the club soon. With Henry Saiz heading to Australia in June for the newly announced HOLEANDCORNER festival it will be interesting to see if this gets a spin.

Undoubtedly, the Permanent Vacation Remix of Urorboros is hauntingly spectacular – it only makes sense that it belongs on wax. Few words can truly describe how well this remix is able to find a place between the original and Saiz’s Live Take yet was released three years ago? Similarly, it is nothing like the other two tracks and takes a life of its own that is bold and captivating.

Stream the Uroboros EP here on iTunes and buy the 12″ from Juno.


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