Premiere: Nick Lynar – I Still

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Premiere: Nick Lynar – I Still

Rural New South Wales isn’t well versed in the realm of electronic but producer Nick Lynar slots into the Australian dance music scene without fuss fronting a rather unique standing of refined electronic wash unlike his current counterparts of mostly jumpy-trap and heavier club.

His latest, and possibly greatest production “I Still” is an emotive number written produced by himself and a far cry from a lot less representing dance music as a whole.The song itself dips and wavers as vocals ride a-top bass sounds and lies somewhere between a live performance and the club.

If you were to draw comparisons it’d be of fellow Australian producer The Kite String Tangle or the warbling sounds of Englands sohn – who’s surely due to blow up anytime soon.┬áHe’s also managed to have released a remix of Kitsune’s new golden girl and local babraham Chela and even earned a Motez remix displaying his flexibility in output and better still, what others can re-work.

Keep on eye on this one.

There’s also a pretty fantastic video for it


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