Major Lazer Member Starts New Label With Perverted Name

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Major Lazer Member Starts New Label With Perverted Name

Major Lazer member Jillionaire is dabbling in his next creative business being a label that he has inappropriately and naughtily titled for reasons we are yet to understand.

Coming off a recent tour of Australia on Big Day Out, the dancehall rude boy has dubbed his new company the more than slightly perverted name ‘Feel Up Records’. The new imprint is set to work within the realms of soca and dancehall translating the festival style of music into a closer tied form of dance music.

Jillionaire has told fans on the new label site his reason behind starting his new venture;

‘A few of you guys might have heard me talk about it in the past year (or ten), so I’m happy to say that it’s finally a real live thing and you can now familiarize yourself with with Feel Up Records. The idea is to pick up some of the talent I meet every day as I pass through Cape Town/Sydney/Lima/Kentucky, get it out to the rest of the world, and maybe make them famous or something along the way.’

Artists that have signed to the label include Clementine & The Galaxy, Richie Beretta, Teleseen, Grand Analog and of course Jillionaire himself. We can look forward to some more booty clap inducing tunes that are sure to shake bungholes around the world.


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