HW&W Recs & Soulection team up for NYC Chinese food, ‘Dark Disco’

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HW&W Recs & Soulection team up for NYC Chinese food, ‘Dark Disco’

I’d never guess that Dim Sum would bring together future R&B delicacies HW&W Recordings and Soulection, but it wouldn’t be the first time good food was tied with good times.  Brought together by the likes of NYC group MeanRed, ‘Dark Disco‘ takes place once a month at 88 Palace.  Hidden in the depths of Chinatown, the smell of fried dumplings and heated dancing brings an element of unusual exotic flair to the by day Chinese spot.  Having hosted trap lords & bass demons alike, this Saturday the Palace welcomes the kings of modern soul.

The upcoming monthly features headliners Kaytranada & Sango (and a very special appearance from Stwo on his debut US tour).   You never know when you’ll be stumbling around Chinatown late at night looking for grub when you accidentally stumble on something a little louder.  It’s time to dine in the dark and we’re ready to munch.

Who: Kaytranada, Sango, Stwo, DKDS
What: Dark Disco
When: Saturday, March 15th
Where: 88 Palace – 88 East Broadway (at Forsyth St.), New York, NY 10002


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