Dan Solo & Future Feelings – I Feel Nothing EP

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Dan Solo & Future Feelings – I Feel Nothing EP

¡Viva México! Regular meetings between Mexican producers Future Feelings and Dan Solo have resulted in this fine gem of deep disco sleaze. Featuring remixes by the legendary Bufi and In Flangranti, this EP is a bomb and a half for the dancefloor!

The original is a smooth steppin track that reminds me of something you’d hear a 50’s noir film detective walking around to if he were transported into the 70s. Classy and deep the bass here will do the business! Bufi‘s remix amps up the electro and gets more edgy and raw. The vocal pops out a little more into focus and there’s some rave disco feel to it. In Flagranti gets techy here with acidized guitars, digital bleeps and bloops, and lots of stutter effects to bridge the gap between the original and Bufi remix.

Check out the EP below and then go grab it on On the Fruit on Juno, iTunes, or Beatport.


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