WATCH: Holy Ship 2014 official Re-Cap Video

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WATCH: Holy Ship 2014 official Re-Cap Video

Screen shot 2014-02-20 at 2.49.52 AM

As the depressing haze that is missing out on another Holy Ship begins to fade away into February, it all just has to come crushing down on me once more, in the form of the official 2014 Holy Ship re-cap video.

Bitter F.O.M.O issues too the side; this ten minute wrap-up of Holy Ship proves – again – why this is the coolest dance music party of the year, and why I must make it my personal mission to get there in 2015.

A weekend of musical euphoria (tips fedora) and good vibes are portrayed perfectly throughout the video, with behind the scenes tom-foolery had between the acts and amazing footage of sets from the likes of Diplo, Brodinski and  Skrillex.

You’ve got to give it too Glenjamn and Adam Hamer; these guys have done a pretty awesome job at re-creating the event for the no-hopes like myself who missed out, and the post-party fiends trying to piece back the puzzle that is their messy January weekend at sea.

Enough dribble, check out the official re-cap video for Holy Ship 2014 posted below!


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