Lorde – Royals (Ben Arsenal Remix)

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Lorde – Royals (Ben Arsenal Remix)

Give one of the most recognizable pop tunes today to Philly producer Ben Arsenal and you wind up with this twisted piece of goodness. Ben’s a studio boss and resident DJ for the Worldtown collective which seeks to combine people, parties, music, and ideas.

For this remix, he took Lorde’s unique original and bent it up into an organic tech house groove. Brimming with percussion and bubbly toms, a laid-back but highly danceable Ibiza sound takes hold. Ben chops up Lorde’s vocal such that it sounds almost like Karin Dreijer Andersson in her The Knife guise. There are some live elements here as well including a Flugelhorn (lol) and also some live bass work.

Free download below!


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