It’s Official: Flume and Skrillex Have an EP on the Way (Update: What So Not and Skrillex TBC)

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It’s Official: Flume and Skrillex Have an EP on the Way (Update: What So Not and Skrillex TBC)

Update: Flume has clarified that the project is actually something to do with What So Not and Skrillex, although not finished yet. Probably something to do with that Skrillex, ASAP and What So Not studio session. Fingers crossed for a release of anything that happens between them!

Flume Skrillex

It’s known that there has been some serious bromance between the Australian wunderkind Flume and OWSLA label owner Skrillex of late since he landed down under for Fuzzys New Years Eve event Shore Thing at Bondi Beach, but the real magic occurred when the guys were hanging out on board Holy Ship (5 Best Moments here) according to Gary Richards aka Destructo aka HARD Events don;

“a ton” of collaborations have resulted from the close quarters and chill vibe [of Holy Ship]. Skrillex is what they call an “OG.” He hasn’t missed a year and has since worked with fellow shipmate Boys Noize, as well as just wrapped up a two-track collab with Flume.

Flume’s club project What So Not with Emoh Instead has already found a release on OWSLA, so it wouldn’t be unsurprising to see the final two-track EP make a home there as well. Without so much as a preview online it’s hard to gauge exactly what sort of sounds we’re talking about here, but there’s a good chance it’d involve Flume’s melodies and Sonny’s harder, crunchier elements.

Skrillex has been uploading previews of new tunes to Instagram including this number below that sounds awfully like a Fatman Scoop vocal following a reports of the rapper, Kill The Noise and the dubstep boss were in the studio late last year.


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