Harvey McKay – The Illusion Of Control EP [Drumcode]

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Harvey McKay – The Illusion Of Control EP [Drumcode]

Harvey McKay

Harvey McKay’s music is designed to bring the bigroom boom, and his latest EP on Drumcode, following closely after Lost, is another stunning example of his emotive but tough style that’s perfect for massive sound systems.

His tracks thrive with an almost tangible kinetic force, and his knack for dramatic timing is uncanny, as a slight pause will inevitably lead to an explosion of bass. He does this especially well in “Silk Road,” which also features a propulsive vocal element similar to an earlier release he did for Cocoon called “Shake.”

In “Slip” McKay continues to pummel us with a driving kick drum against screeching, atmospheric synths, while “Start Running” gains traction gradually, but still has an undeniably powerful energy from the start that comes crashing into high hats and a dark, bone-shaking bassline.

Once dwelling in the shadows of Glasgow’s underground club scene, Harvey McKay has become a favorite among Techno legends–notably, Adam Beyer, Sven Vath, and Richie Hawtin, who turned McKay’s breakthrough track “Nightwalker” into his most-played tune for a whopping 6 months.


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