From sea to raving sea: electric talent rules in US States

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From sea to raving sea: electric talent rules in US States


From and Aussie’s perspective, its fairly easy to generalise U.S. states. Visions of rednecks, the amish and Kat Von D all spring to mind when separating state borders. But separating them by choon preference? That’s a language we be speakin’.

As it is, Paul Lamere of music intelligence company The Echo Nest has identified which musicians are leading in each state in effort to find how location affects an individual’s music preferences on the Music Machinery blog.

Taking an active comparison of artists between state lines, Lamere conceived a musical map of artist support. What we can only assume was a hectically time consuming efforts, Lamere explains, ‘I do this by finding the top most distinctive popular artist for a state that hasn’t already been selected for a more populous state’.

But down to business, where does electronic music stand in this music map, and which states are livin’ in the tunes dark ages? America, lets talk.

  • Bonobo for California – The biggest surprise for the graph, but also the most delightful. Cue vision of Schwartznegger munting out on a boat rave. Gotcha new California tourism ad campaign right there.
  • James Blake in New York – We can definitely believe that the sweet peeps of New York State are jiving to the big red.
  • David Guetta in Connecticut – QUIET COUNTRY INN FIST PUMPING.
  • Bruce Springsteen in New Jersey – :\
  • Lincoln Park in Arizona… no.
  • Hillsong United in South Carolina – party down God style (not talking about you Kanyé).

Naked and Famous, Surjan Stevens and Rick Ross also make appearances. Are there any surprises in there for you?

Gurd blurss ‘murca.

[via FACT]


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