Breaking: Holy Ship!!! Looks to Expand to Two Weekends

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Breaking: Holy Ship!!! Looks to Expand to Two Weekends

Floating festival Holy Ship!!! looks to be expanding to a two weekend format similar to Coahcella, Glastonbury and Ultra, announcing via their Facebook that the MSC Divini will be splitting into two voyages through the start of 2015.

The HARD Events led party will now run from its usual January stint from the 3rd to the 6th, but will also be adding an additional set of dates in February from the 25th to the 28th.┬áVeterans don’t seem to be happy with a majority of the ship fam┬áknocking back the idea of ‘commercialising’ the cruise with punters actually happier to pay more for a single date.

Lame. You are ruining it by over commercializing it with two ships. It was a cool thing for the OG’s. I’d rather pay more and only have 1

its like a ship fam divorce

Gary Richards….tell me this is fake!? What about shipfam!? Don’t be a sell out for $$$!? Do it for the fans and the music!!!

The only reason we’d figure aside from banking double the dollar is an alternative option for artists to make the second cruise if they already have bookings elsewhere in the world – aka a completely different lineup for he second – but don’t expect the die hards to understand that one.

Of course, anyone returning to Holy Ship will get an early look in with a chance to purchase tickets early March. Also expect the 2014 recap video dropping real soon.

This years Holy Ship!!! saw almost everything happen in the world of dance and electronic music with Pharrell and Major Lazer previewing their tune live, someone dumping drinks on Dillon Francis’ laptop, a whopping 45 videos of what went down aboard and a quick summary of ‘5 Best Moments of Holy Ship’.


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