Destructo parts ways with Holy Ship and people are not happy

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Destructo parts ways with Holy Ship and people are not happy

Image via RUKES

Gary Richards a.k.a Destructo has taken to social media this morning in announcing he is parting ways with HARD and Holy Ship.

This news was touched upon by Dancing Astronaut yesterday, with suspicions the producer/businessman was being ‘forced’ out of his position there, and this did not sit well with fans and colleagues alike.

It follows the recent revelation in a previous interview that stated this was his final term in a 5-year contract with Live Nation after they purchased HARD back in 2012.

See Richard’s post to Facebook below.



It was also reported that artists are now pulling out of Holy Ship as a result of Richard’s curious absence. Skrillex was one to vent on the topic via Twitter, claiming that he would never had performed on Holy Ship if it wasn’t for Gary.

You can weigh in on the conversation right here. What do you think went down? For now, enjoy this meme.


(Source: Dancing Astronaut)



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