Basshunter’s live on-stage Mid-Life Crisis

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Basshunter’s live on-stage Mid-Life Crisis

UH OHHH… It seems like Basshunter is going to be waking up to more than just a hangover today.

What better way to kickstart your national tour of the US than to perform the same song 4 times, hurl abuse at your backup dancers, belch into the mic, yell at your manager and undoubtedly (see below) piss off the entirety of your (ex-) fans? Ladies and gentleman, Basshunter’s unconventional performance last night is what we like to call a ‘train wreck’.

Term: Train Wreck – A total fucking disaster …the kind that makes you want to shake your head.

Now seeing as we, unfortunately, were not present at the show, we have instead looked to reports from those who attended; exploring the depths of social media of those who were in the crowd to best sum up Basshunter’s outlandish behaviour live on stage. Most notably, the Swedish superstar appeared to be drunk. Not ‘happy-happy’ drunk, but ‘that loud guy at the bar who can’t seem to get anyones attention so chooses to yell innapropriate slander at the people around him’ drunk. We’ll leave it there and let the tweets and videos do the talking, which should make it quite clear that the show was a complete and utter train wreck – or as one person put it – “less train wreck, more career ending 30 car pile up on the dance floor!”. We hope that his next show – if there is another – causes just as much of a stir, however this time for the right reasons.



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