Steve Aoki Breaks Two Pointless Guinness World Records

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Steve Aoki Breaks Two Pointless Guinness World Records

Seems like they’re giving out Guinness World Records to anyone these days with word that Steve ‘The Jump’ Aoki has nabbed two of his own following Dada Lifes extreme¬†pillow fight in Vegas and the slightly more legit one Calvin Harris earned for knocking enough number one’s into an album.

Practically spitting in the faces of real world feats Steve managed to get a crowd to cheer the longest and also have an audience to show the most amount of glow sticks in 30 seconds. yep. Well earned Steven… along with your big fat pay cheque for the night!

You have to give it to Steve though, he knows all about gimmicks and paying a cool $6000 or so for a Guinness World Record adjudicator to appear at his show is a cheap PR stunt compared to some of the other  marketing going around.

There remains only one DJ we’re always hooting for when it comes to Guinness World Records and that is local legend Smokin’ Joe Mekhael who fell short of the longest DJ stint in 2012 with a mere 168 hours awake and mixing and followed through with a second attempt only 3 months later.

To keep things a little more fun, here are a few equally stupid Guinness World Records we’d like to be broken in the near future;

  • Most hands in the air
  • Most love hearts made with hands
  • Most kandi bracelets on a single person
  • Most times the word PLUR is used in a sentence
  • Most times “Animals” can be played in a set
  • Most ‘bros’ at a single festival

If you were (not) interested, here’s what a really long cheer sounds like;

Better yet, Steve Aoki ‘lamington-ing’ me at Future Music 2013.

source: Do Androids Dance


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