Skrillex confirms new Jack U material for 2014

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Skrillex confirms new Jack U material for 2014

Arguably one of the hardest working producers, record label owners and collaborators in the dance music industry, Skrillex, is making no changes to his busy lifestyle in 2014, already confirming new music to be released under the collaborative project Jack U, with fellow producer, and friend, Diplo.

In a recent interview with Inthemix, Sonny Moore spilled the beans on what 2014 had in stall for Jack U (which is looking rather exciting for all of us fans). Skrillex revealed that Diplo and himself will “feature on each other’s tracks, and put out some singles together, but mostly we just like to DJ together [as Jack U]. We’ve got five songs that we made that aren’t even released, and we’ll end up releasing in 2014.”

Despite confirming a handful of unreleased tracks, Skrillex admits that “it takes a lot of work to maintain a whole other project – Dog Blood’s a good example of that”, exaggerating that Jack U is really just a front for when Diplo and himself want to jump behind the decks.

“Wes (Diplo) and I have made so much stuff together, but the thing about Jack U is it’s more the name we use when DJ together.”

I guess that part goes without saying, for two of the busiest dudes in the game I found it hard to believe they had time to kickstart this collab to begin with. At least we are confirmed of two things for 2014, new music from the pair, and some killer Jack U sets as well.

Check out some footage of Jack U opening at the Mad Decent block party last year!

… and a high energy track the pair “made together on the train” (during the tour)

Source: inthemix


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