John Talabot Gives a Gift to Fans on His Birthday

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John Talabot Gives a Gift to Fans on His Birthday

It’s tradition to expect to be spoiled on your birthday with gifts, acts of kindness and affection, right? I guess John Talabot is a little unsure too or just a legend and giving back with this demo on his birthday.

Talabot is easily one of the most important producers in Electronic music today with seminal tracks Sunshine and So Will Be Now, which in fact topped my list of best releases of 2013. Maybe you disagree, but it goes without saying that he is doing something very special, something very different and is leading the way for some very interesting and beautiful music to be made in the future.

It wasn’t that long ago that Mr Talabot delivered what would be a stand out performance at Fuzzys national Listen Out party managing to duck those pesky sound restrictions earlier in the day with a special live performance. Not so lucky for Lunice of the now de-bunked TNGHT duo who went on to tell “rich ignorant people to stop complaining” after having sound dulled in the final stages of the festival.

The birthday track, simply titled 08-01 is an uplifting piece that allows you to get lost in a little bit of joy, whether it be your birthday, the hot girl you’re dating or just the fact that this is a really good song. Strangely still we didn’t see it on his DJ Kicks mix back in November meaning this certainly is a fresh audio bite.

Get it while it’s fresh as it’s a free download on his Soundcloud. Oh, and Happy Birthday John, you’re the best ever.


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