History Repeats Itself in the Heart of Sydney’s Nightlife

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History Repeats Itself in the Heart of Sydney’s Nightlife

Shockingly, we see history repeat itself in the heart of Sydney’s nightclub scene in Kings Cross with yet another person’s life being put at threat at the cost of brain damage, after Daniel Christie was cowardly punched by probably Sydney’s most-disliked person, Shaun McNeil.

In true ‘gentlemanly’ fashion, the incident occurred very close to the same spot where Thomas Kelly was killed almost 12 months ago in July 2012 from an unprovoked punch to the back of the head. The latest incident occurred when Daniel, his brother Peter and a group of friends arrived in Kings Cross around 9pm when they were unwittingly caught in Mr McNeil’s path. Following countless alcohol drinks by the offender Daniel was punched when he threw himself between the mixed-martial-arts-trained McNeil and his brother who was already being assaulted, upon hitting the ground he was unconscious and taken to hospital.

Daniel currently remains in hospital in critical care with what is being foreseen a permanent brain damage.

Thomas Kelly, who was also aged 18 at the time, was assaulted and later died from his injuries earlier in the year. How many people have to face brain damage or die before the lesson is learnt Sydney? For the sake of people’s safety and preserving the nightlife of the nanny state of NSW, what do you believe should happen to stop brain-dead drunken bogans like Shaun McNeil from committing an offence like this again?


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