Submotion Orchestra – 1968 [Circus Media]

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Submotion Orchestra – 1968 [Circus Media]

Critically acclaimed for their vast sound infusing jazz, dubstep and soul, Submotion Orchestra return with their new EP titled ‘1968’, just landing on Flux Pavillion‘s Circus Media. A surprising label for the band, it reinforces the imprint’s ethos of releasing only the highest quality music, regardless of genre. The release is at once delicate and heavy, spacious and dense, highly atmospheric but firmly rooted; earth-shaking bass and drums combine with lush keyboard and trumpet textures to create the perfect bed for the fragile beauty of Ruby Wood’s vocals, and the celestial effects of dubstep producer Ruckspin. You NEED this.

01. Damn Hot
02. Breathe It In
03. Broken World
04. Hard to Stay
05. 1968

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