Martin Garrix

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Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix is a fresh face in the new guard of producers emerging from a busy trending dance music industry. At the tender age of 17 years old, the Dutchman already sits firmly behind the hit ‘Animals’ that has not only been successful in charts but also featured a trending hash tag #whenthebeatdrops.

In conjunction with his tour to Australian shores for Future Music Festival 2014, we caught up with the artist to talk blowing up, EDM and how Tiesto inspired him to get behind the decks!

First things first congratulations on being the youngest person to top Beatport, how has your career been shaped/helped/changed since then?

Well my gig schedule literally exploded ;-). And a lot of new collaboration opportunities came in the picture. All great things!

So we have noticed the whole #whenthebeatdrops viral videos doing the rounds, what do you think of this? What’s gonna happen when you play live next? Should we expect thousands of people to just be falling over? This could end badly… Who’s responsible for the medical bill?

Haha, I hope everybody remains intact during my gigs!  I love to have interaction with the crowds though.

Future music festival 2014, tell us about what your excited for?

It will be my first time in Australia, so that’s pretty exciting. The Future music line-up is also quite massive, looking forward to it!

Plans for Australia while you’re out here?

I don’t really know how long I’m staying yet, I have to check my tour schedule. But I’d love to see some cool spots and meet the locals, any tips? 😉

Does it feel weird not being old enough to attend a festival yet controlling a crowd of thousands with your music? What do you do when you aren’t playing?

That’s kinda special, I know. But I enjoy every moment to the fullest! When I’m not playing I’m busy producing music in the studio, or hang out with friends!

Tomorrowlands 2012 video has just hit over 93,000,000 views and your track ‘Animals’ has been added to the 2013 after-movie soundtrack, that’s a lot of exposure. Did you ever see your music going this far? What’s next to tick off the to-do-list?

Well sometimes it even feels unreal! I knew ‘Animals’ had the potential to become a nice club record, but a hit THIS big? No. I hope I’ll produce some more tracks like this, and do a lot of collaborations and cross-overs with cool artists! I also hope to play gigs all around the world and festival such as Coachella and Ultra Music Festival.

What do you think of the term ‘EDM’?

It’s a broad term. Everyone has it’s own interpretation of it. I don’t like to be put in a box, but people will always want to label everything. And EDM is a very popular scene all over the world, great thing right?

Who inspired you to make electronic music? Any main or on-going influences? Anyone you look to for feedback on your productions?

My first inspiration was DJ Tiesto, I heard him playing at the Olympics in 2004. From that moment on I knew I wanted to make music and become a Dj. My record label Spinnin ‘is supporting me in the process of making my own productions, and of course I look to my Dj colleagues for feedback.

Watch/Listen to Garrix’s latest collaboration with Jay Hardway – ‘Wizard’ below


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