Roger Sanchez

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Roger Sanchez

Announcing himself as a household name through his 2001 timeless classic ‘Another Chance’, Roger Sanchez 12 years on shows no signs of slowing down. The New York-born Dominican background pioneer house producer has been busy working on his new album, managing his label Stealth Records and keeping up with a busy tour schedule. We spoke to the Sydney bound legend about how times have changed in dance music, the fee’s DJ’s now get, what he has in the works and much more!

A lot of people say ‘Another Chance’ is a timeless classic. With the way we digest music so quickly, is it still possible for a current day producer to make a timeless dance track?

I think it is, however there is a lot of background noise to contend with- a classic now has to grow on it’s own and , like most classics, has to come about almost as an accident.

What was the last song you would label as a timeless classic that captured your attention?

Hmm- I would say Jay Z & Alicia Keys – Empire State of mind (New York) is pretty timeless

What’s your take on the state of the scene in dance music now as opposed to 10 years ago?

It’s so global and commercial now that it is unrecognisable to the scene from 10 years ago – there are both positive and negatives to this – on the positive side it has become truly recognised as a viable format of music but negatively, there is so much copying and lack of originality in many of the overtly commercial forms of it, mainstream dance music doesn’t push the boundaries it once did. Thank God for the resurgence of the underground!

What is your take on current DJ fees? (i.e. Calvin Harris paid over 320k pounds for a private wedding function)

I don’t beat up on anyone for getting paid – the truth is NO MATTER WHAT GENRE, if an artist is drawing the audience, they deserve to be compensated. That being said, the fact that the fees have skyrocketed is why big business has stepped into this genre and taking it for what it can.

What’s in store for Roger Sanchez in late 2013/ early 2014?

I’m currently producing a TON of new music including my upcoming album Roots that is delving back to my underground house sound but with an updated ear and fresh vibe – I’m very inspired by the sounds coming from that space right now!

Could you please name your favourite 3 iconic dance music videos?

Daft Punk – Around The World

Micheal Jackson – Billie Jean (that WAS dance music!)

my video for Another Chance

If you are in Sydney, you can catch Roger Sanchez playing at Marquee this Firday for the Veuve Clicquot ‘Yelloween’


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