Reforms Could Spell Legal Tripping For UK

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Reforms Could Spell Legal Tripping For UK

Some new proposed reforms in the UK have made headway in the war on drugs, with drugs standing victorious.

After a serious speculation from the liberal democrats policy for drugs minister Norman Baker, the energy around legalisation is buzzing following in-depth research into NZ and US policy experimentation.

NZ authorities dabbled in allowing the temporary license of drug designers to sell their wares if they can prove that the chemicals will be of minimal harm to the user. Baker also considered the recent successes of US states Colorado and Washington whom recently legalised recreational Cannabis use (eshays!).

The review, ordered by deputy PM Nick Clegg, is set to push the legalisation of cannabis and potential decriminalisation of other ‘club drugs’ including Ecstasy and MDMA.

Inspired by the NZ model, the liberal democrats are inputting a mass of research to inspire ‘imaginative’ strategies regarding drug use.

Undoubtedly set to cause some serious arguments amongst the coalition (we can’t imagine that going down to well with the offspring of Maggie), the opinion of most is that the potential reforms could ignite a more informed democracy in which drug taking could coexist with safe party times.

Whether we’ll follow our Brit brothas to a more accepting drug landscape remains to be seen, with Abbott’s comparison of drug smuggling to people smuggling, we’re pretty sure the war here across the pond will rage on.

Trip well and safe, our balmy chums.

[via The Sunday Times]


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