Panama – Always (Wave Racer Remix)

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Panama – Always (Wave Racer Remix)

Sorry folks, we kind of slept on one of the best releases of the year – Panama’s ‘Always’ EP but we’re thankful for a reminder in the form of a newly dropped Wave Racer remix.

Waves recent takes on Cosmo’s Midnights “Dofflin” and DCUPs “Don’t Be Shy” should make it pretty clear that this was always going to be a hit and it certainly delivers although we feel that Wavey teeters on the edge of sounding a bit same-same with pitched vocals and the glitch-step.

In his defence, building a sound is an important venture in a solid career in dance that’ll help the kids know when other DJs are dropping your shit.

We interviewed him all the way back in July and understandably enough Rustie has played a big part in is production and sound

Rustie’s Glass Swords album is massively influential for me. The crazy bright synths and sound effects he uses are amazing. It’s definitely one of my favourite albums.

Have a listen of his remix of Panama’s “Always” below.


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