October Chart: Ben

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October Chart: Ben

It’s been a little while since any of us have compiled any charts. If you didn’t follow our previous chart series, we picked any kind of music that pleased our ears. This time round I have picked a bunch of material that has been released in the last year that I feel is both awesome and unique. It’s been an exciting year, with some amazing releases and a tonne of Australian talent really diving into the swim of things. So in no particular order, here is 10 awesome songs.

Cosmo’s Midnight – The Dofflin (Wave Racer remix)

This is a producer who came in all guns blazing, producing original and melodic material that has blown a lot of people right out of the water. This tune follows lead with this house nu-disco electro hybrid that has become quite popular in Australian electronic music. Wave Racer is and will be going places.

Cashmere Cat – Mirror Maru

This is bit of an oldy that was rehashed due to my time spent on GTA V. Loved it before and still do.  Cashmere Cat is a total genre bender and produce’s this really bizarrely beautiful music, adopting unique sounds and production styles. Always a pleasure to hear what this producer puts out.

Picking up all the pieces – Strange Talk (Ta-ku remix)

Ta-ku is one hard working producer who pumps out tunes like a machine. To be honest, not all of them tickle my fancy, but every now and then there is an A+ piece of work, with this and his remix of Justin Timberlake’s Suit and Tie being prime examples.

Banks – Warm Water (Snakehips remix)

Since On & On I have been hooked into Snakehips. If you haven’t heard this english producer, it’s time you got into his tunes, especially if you are fan of FKJ or Bondax. This piece follows suit with this genre of nu-disco meets house and pop; it’s catchy, full of nice warm synths and great beats.

Bondax – Giving it all

To paraphrase Pete Tong, these guys don’t put a lot of material out, but when they do it’s baller. This tune follows a pop structure, gets stuck in your head and is an all round elating feel good song. It is, like the majority of Bondax’s back catalogue, a prime example of quality over quantity. If you haven’t given their XL8R podcast a listen, click here and do yourself a huge favour. (I didn’t want to double up on Bondax, but their remix of Blackstreet’s Yo Diggity needs to be heard if you haven’t heard it before).

Chris Malinchak – So into you

Although new(ish) to the scene, Chris Malinchak has been putting out some awesome material and bulding quite a reputation. All I want to say about this song is that it is super chilled, zero untz and all melody.

Bodhi – Imperfection

I very rarely hear a song for the first time and get absolutely immersed in it. This is a song I frequently bust out what ever the occasion. Beautiful melodies, awesome production and great structure.

Indian Summer – Foreign Formula (Cosmo’s Midnight remix)

Cosmo’s Midnight make some great stuff. This track is a great nu-disco house tune, heavy with hooks with some real interesting work on the vocals.

Floria – Surrender

This tune is an awesome hybrid of chicago acid sounds mixed with house, with dissonant tones and dark melodies. This is the first time I have heard anything from the Brisbane lad Floria and am really looking forward to further releases.

Hanami – Fruition

If you like Bonobo, Flume and that brand of sweet emotive chilled sounding music, then Hanami’s Fruition is right up your alley.


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