Investigative News Journalists aka. Old Guys Intercept TomorrowWorld

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Investigative News Journalists aka. Old Guys Intercept TomorrowWorld

Look out party children, America seems to be sending in the big guns in to tackle the war on drugs and EDM.

11Alive, a local Atlanta television station, intercepted the highly anticipated TomorrowWorld festival over the weekend. Armed with two ‘investigative’ journalists who could easily be the grandfathers of typical EDM fans, the two men booked tickets and attempted to camouflage into 140,000 of America’s young and munted.

What they found is nothing really new or crazy – the hype around ‘Molly’, or MDMA for those of us across the pond – at festivals is presented as shocking and uncontrollable, with each scene being cut by an obnoxious ‘drug porn’ shot – cascading amounts of pills you could only really acquire by being Ibrahim or Scarface.

Unsurprisingly, the reporters struggled to find people who would openly admit using ‘Molly’, with their small camera on which they shot action ‘happening live in the open’ not really catching much action…at all.

The best quote of the piece is;

‘I talked to a dealer who was going to show us his drug…then he said no.’ Good journalism-ing Uncle Buck.

The irony of this poorly executed expose is that out of the entirety of the attendees, only 17 required medical transports – a total of 0.012% of the total attendees. All fear the cruel mistress Molly.

Many are putting this down to the increased age restrictions enforced upon attendees – the festival was strictly over 21. To add to the earthly delights of the adult party – there were no fights and only three arrests throughout the entire festival.

This is an awesome outcome for the creators of TomorrowWorld and puts to rest some of the media-induced moral panics regarding EDM being synonymous with drug using and DEATH. Whether this is due to the increased age restriction or not is questionable – but it certainly is inspiring to see such a gigantic event go down relatively breezy.

Also, it looks fucking awesome. Check out that stage dude, plus all of the boobies.

[via whiteraverrafting]



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