Feed Me Interview Leaves Readers Stumped

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Feed Me Interview Leaves Readers Stumped

In an exclusive interview with Elektro magazine, UK producer feed me has disclosed a truly surprising fact that we can’t quite put our – um – finger on.

The interview, which we assume was meant to be a grill about his debut album Calamari Tuesday, doesn’t seemingly have psycho-analysis intentions. Instead things get intense straight off the mark. Just have a look at the response to the very first question when asked about the concept of Feed Me as a character?

My sister tragically lost her hand in a waste disposal unit whilst playing with toys in the sink when we were young. The machine would gurgle sounds which resembled the words ‘feed me’. Even after the unit was removed and the legal proceedings had long passed I was stricken by a crippling fear each time I entered the kitchen.

My therapist introduced me to music and art as a coping mechanism, and by surmising my fears into a project I’ve managed to bring light and humour into a phrase that once only served to remind me of my sisters arm-stump.

Well, ain’t no messing around with this one. Or is there?

Whilst we have serious sympathy for situations such as these, we can’t help but think that this might be a media fuck-around. Just hypothetically, if we had to do interviews all day with dance music websites (meta), we’d like to think there would be ample opportunity for fun-zies. If only to see the poor face of the journalist who thought they were going to be talking strictly IDM and ‘complextro’.

And if this isn’t the case and Feed Me has utilised severe fear and adversity to fuel a creative process and produce awesome tracks… well then I guess I’m just a little bitch.

With the album ‘Calamari Tuesday’ – and major single ‘Last Requests’ featuring Jenna G (click here for full track list) set to be a global hit after the release on the 14th October, Feed Me is already at work on his second album. We hope that it’s a huge success for him and his family, respectively.

[via youredm]


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